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Homeowners Association Insurance

Home Owners Association Coverage We Offer

  • Master Homeowners Association Package
  • Automobile Coverage
  • Directors & Officers
  • Earthquake/Difference in Condition
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Workers’ Compensation & Employers' Liability
  • Umbrella/Excess Liability Insurance
  • Crime/Fidelity
  • Flood
  • Employment Practices Liability

HOA Insurance Costs & Discounts

Insurance companies determine risk for homeowners associations by weighing factors such as the type of building, construction factors, and the area in which an association is located. The following information focuses on factors that aect your homeowners association’s insurance costs.

Money Saving Discounts

Insurance companies may oer special credits to help cut the cost of insurance because their customers have done something to reduce their risk. Sometimes these credits are a reward to valued customers for continued business. These credits are described in general terms:

  • Homeowners certied by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system may save up to 5% on their premiums.
  • Multi-policy credit: You can save money by having more than one type of policy with the same insurance company (ie. an Umbrella, Crime and D&O policy). The more business you give the company, the more valuable you are as a customer.
  • Newer association credit: The age of your homeowners association may qualify you for savings because plumbing, heating, and electrical systems in newer homes have lower risks.
  • Protective device credit: If your home has certain types of re alarms, burglar alarms, locks, or smoke detectors, you've reduced your risk and may qualify for this credit.
  • Renewal or long-term customer credits: You could get credit when you renew your policy, beginning with the rst renewal or after you've been a policyholder for a designated number of years.


The typical deductible amount on an HOA policy is $1,000. By choosing a higher deductible ($2,500 or higher), you will lower your annual premium payments. Homeowners policies don't provide protection for your land. If the land value is incorrectly included as part of your dwelling coverage (Coverage A), you are being charged too much. Your Coverage A amount should only reect the cost to repair or replace your structure. If you aren't sure if your land is included, contact All Spectrum Insurance Brokers to review your policy.

Renovating? Building?

Certain building materials may cost less to insure or may qualify for discounts. Choosing brick construction over a wooden frame structure, or vice versa, can make a dierence in areas prone to earthquakes. Upgrading electrical, plumbing, and heating systems could mean savings. Talk to a builder and your insurance agent.

HOA location

If your HOA is near a re station, in a safe, quiet, easily accessible neighborhood, your master homeowners rates might be lower than if your HOA is located in a less desired location.