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Apartment Building Insurance

Protect Your Investment with Building Owners Insurance Coverage for Residential Rental Properties

All Spectrum Insurance Brokers is a leader in apartment building insurance. As an apartment building owner, wouldn’t it be comforting to know your investment is covered by an insurance policy designed specifically for rental properties? All Spectrum Insurance Brokers offers coverage for rental properties with one to a hundred units.

ASIB’s Business Owners Policy (BOP) for apartment buildings is designed to cover property and liability exposures that are uniquely associated with multi-unit residential buildings. We protect you from financial loss, damage, liability, and business interruption that can result from unforeseen situations including theft, disaster, lawsuit, and breakage.

ASIB’s special programs ASIB’s special programs for apartment building owners includes the following specifically tailored coverage to multi-unit housing property owners in California, Texas, Florida, Illinois and Nevada.

  • Up to a 24-month Period of Indemnity for Business Interruption
  • Equipment Breakdown Protection covering electrical and air conditioning equipment at replacement cost
  • Building Ordinance coverage automatically provides $100,000 per building and allows you the option to purchase coverage up to the building’s limit
  • Smoke-free premium credit of up to 10%
  • Automatic Backup sewer coverage
  • Coverage for property managers as additional insured included

Does your current coverage take into account all risk contingencies? Call a professional ASIB Advisor to discuss a customized apartment building insurance plan and other cost-saving coverage options.